WeFileUp is a cloud storage service and can be used for different purposes. As a secure remote storage capacity for important data backups. One that is available online from any country in the world. As a tool to send files to one or several recipients that requires much less traffic resources and provides more reliability and security than regular email attachments. As a way to quickly and safely share files with your friends and colleagues.

The files you upload to WeFileUp are not publicly accessible and can only be downloaded by you. Nobody can access your files on our highly secure servers without your permission.

It is much easier to download large volume of data with a premium account. For those who frequently download files from our service, the premium account is a must-have, as it provides the highest download speed and bandwidth, thus saving you a lot of time. Using your favorite file manager for multithreaded downloads and flexible process management is only available to premium account holders. What is also important, only premium owners can upload files via FTP.

Yes. Music and video hosting is permitted as long as you own the copyright on the content and it adheres to the terms and conditions.